About Advanced Professional College (APC) SHS/JHS Remedial

APC is a charitable organization registered in the Republic of Ghana in West Africa. APC is the acronym for Advanced Professional College, as it provides the link between the academia and the industry (or job market) through testing services and preparation of people to sit professional examinationsg.

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APC boasts excellence in the inter-related areas:

  • Professional & Educational Testing Services
  • tutoring of students for professional examinations
  • skills development & professional mentoring
  • organization of professional events
  • consulting & corporate training
  • training of trainers
  • other areas related to the above

The core values of APC can be summarized as:

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  1. PROFESSIONALISM: We motivate our staff to seek after the highest form of professionalism and embrace professional ethics.
  2. EQUITY & AFFIRMATIVE ACTION: We employ people based absolutely on only education, training, professional performance and character.
  3. INVENTION: We create new ideas, seize business opportunities and take risks to produce practically useful inventions.
  4. INSPIRATION: We energise and motivate our staff and students to be creative entrepreneurs
  5. TEAM WORK: We team up with individuals and organizations to engage practically useful problems in the form of projects and partnerships
  6. APPRAISE AND REWARD EXCELLENCE: As a way of motivating our staff to be inventive, we appraise and reward our staff periodically for excellent performance openly.

APC evolved from EdICTech which was established in 2007 by a team of international experts with the sole aim of improving professional, research and training practices in Ghana. The vision was borne after realizing that Ghana lacked an institute of its calibre. In the beginnings APC engaged in only ICT but expanded its service domain to meet the needs of the populace.

APC is governed by Board of Directors (BoD) headed by the President with the Director of Administration as secretary to the board. According to the organizational organogram the members of the BoD are:

  • The President (Chairperson)
  • Administrative Officer (Board Secretary)
  • Directors of the Research Divisions
  • Finance officer
  • Facilities Manager
  • IT Support officer

As a charitable organization, the board members and some of the trainers of APC are benevolent world-class professionals who receive no Paycheck.