About AIUC Faculty Of Information And Communication

About AIUC Faculty Of Information And Communication

Africa International University College started in November 2007 with 20 students. The College first had its premises at Reiz Junction on the Adenta-Aburi Road, but later moved to S.D.A. Junction on the Sakora road.

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The college has been registered under the laws of the Republic of Ghana and has therefore received government approval. More so, the college is in collaboration with Greenwich University/ICM, United Kingdom.

Africa International University College is now acredited internationally with ICM, UK.

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The campus of Africa International College lies at north-western part of Accra, the capital city of Ghana.  From the main University gate on the Dodowa Road, the College Avenue extends to the administration. The College has halls of residence, departments, lecture rooms, nurses’ demonstration room cafeteria and laboratories.

Vision Statement

To produce professionals in various disciplines for national development through Africa.

Mission Statement
To provide job-oriented courses that are geared towards Entrepreneurship, professionalism, creativity, the market leadership position and offer a world class Tertiary Education that will give African students the opportunity of learning world Class International Degrees and become national wealth creators.


The following are some of the values the College has identified as core to its success:

  • Excellence
  • Student – centered
  • Integrity
  • Respect for diversity.

Strategic Objectives

In order to deliver on this mission, we have developed five – year broad goals and objectives. The broad goals define, inter alia, infrastructure and academic needs we believe are either necessary or desirable to develop Africa International University College into an institution that we can all be proud of and one that will be able to meet the ever-growing needs of our children in order to provide learners with an all-round education of world-class, equipping them to play a constructive role in Ghana. Our “world-class” vision is supported by our commitment to student excellence and graduates prepared for the global workforce.

These strategic objectives were developed after extensive consultations with our main stakeholders. These are:

  • To become recognized as a leading institution in the development of life and academic excellence by January, 2012.
  • To become recognized as the most positive, safe, motivated, non – threatening, happy, fun and friendly College environment by March 2012.
  • To become the preferred College for Professional programmes by June, 2015.
  • Construct a 3–tier storey building to increase enrolments and offer four distinct academic programmes by 2012.
  • Use Information Technology as an enabler to achieve competitive advantage and to prepare students to face the challenges in the world. 

Distinctive Excellence

Known as an outcomes-focused, innovative learning College for:    fast, focused, flexible, quality learning and services for the students in Ghana.

The College will be:

  • A leader in partnering to facilitate and deliver learning in communities where students’ people find it difficult to get access to professional and tertiary education.
  • A national leader in accessing and integrating literacy and essential learning skills with relevant training.
  • A leader in building capacity for the College to respond to their social responsibilities.