About Ascent Kollege Remedial school

About Ascent Kollege Remedial school


Ascent Kollege runs the best Adult Education, English Proficiency courses, remedial SHS and BECE programmes as well as foreign courses like SAT, TOEFL, IELTS,GMAT,GRE and also organize fairs where consultants are dedicated to counsel students.

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We aim at being a resource hub for students looking for placements at local and overseas universities.

We provide a world of solutions for the growing needs of students. In Ascent Kollege we give high standards great emphasis by team teaching and using a variety of strategies in the classroom. this ultimately builds students self-esteem which is fostered by positive relationship between students and staff .

All our clients have access to the very best learning opportunities available. We always think to make available good practices in teaching and mentorship. We also have a resourcefully diversified staff equipped with state of the art facilities and we are always increasing and looking to add more to aid the learning process.

We provide the best educational experience and majority of our school leavers progress into whatever tertiary institution that suits their potentials