About Ashesi University College School Of Business

About Ashesi University College School Of Business

The department of Business Administration teaches courses leading up to the following qualifications:

  • Major in Business Administration
  • Minor in Business Administration
  • Major in Management Information Systems (taught jointly with the Computer Science Department).

Business Administration

As new technological advances and an increasingly global economy transform the way businesses operate, it is extremely important for any nation to train the men and women who can lead their economies through this change. Ashesi seeks to train such people for Ghana by providing a well-rounded business education that emphasizes the fundamentals of business, and introduces students to the latest trends that are changing the business world. While Ashesi’s curriculum prepares business students to excel in locally owned businesses, Ashesi’s business management courses were specifically designed to meet standards set by more sophisticated multinational companies. Ashesi’s business graduates will be capable of starting entrepreneurial ventures or assuming managerial positions in multinational corporations operating in Ghana or other countries.

In order for Ashesi’s business graduates to excel in leading Ghanaian industry, they must not only understand the forces shaping today’s marketplace, but also be life-long learners, and must be able to discern opportunities that derive from the needs of society, now and in the future. As such, Ashesi’s business program depends heavily on the foundation set by the core curriculum, and was designed to produce future leaders for Ghanaian – and African – industry.

Management Information Systems

In today’s rapidly changing business world, a company’s ability to compete depends on how quickly that enterprise can respond to change. Central to this ability, is the successful use of information, and by extension, the appropriate deployment of information technology.

The Management Information Systems program at Ashesi University seeks to train system analysts and managers, who combine the knowledge of information technology with an understanding of business and organizational strategy. As such, this interdisciplinary program trains managers who are uniquely empowered to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises in the new knowledge economy.