About BayPort Saving and Loans

About BayPort Saving and Loans

Bayport Savings and Loans (Ghana) is a Non Banking Financial Institution, registered with the Bank of Ghana under the non banking law — PNDC law 328 engaged in payroll tied lending.

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Bayport Savings and Loans Ghana opened for business in 2003. It was the second Bayport Savings and Loans operation.

Guided by an experienced board and a talented management team, Bayport Ghana has come to understand the needs and attitudes that drive the Ghanaian people’s relationship with credit. As a result, it is one of the country’s leading credit providers with a presence in each of the regional capitals.

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Payroll Loans

Bayport loans provide financial solutions for ordinary people who want to achieve extraordinary things. If you need a personal loan, a business loan or are investing in your future, Bayport offers a range of products to suit your needs. Our unsecured loans offer the advantage of not having to provide any guarantees through valuable assets like vehicles or property.

Applying for a Bayport loan offers you the benefits of:

  • No sureties
  • No guarantees
  • No collateral
  • No deposits
  • No post-dated cheques

Applying for a loan is easier than ever. All it takes is one visit to a Bayport branch to secure your loan. Simply visit your nearest branch or submit your details and one of our agents will contact you directly. If you are unable to reach the nearest Bayport branch, Bayport’s mobile network has a team of mobile agents who will come to you and help you apply for a loan.

At Bayport we believe in responsible credit and ensure that our clients understand the terms of repayment and borrow for the right reasons. With Bayport’s Credit Life,customers receive insurance cover that pays the outstanding balance of their loan, should they become retrenched, disabled, pass away or contract a dreaded disease.

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