About Concord Business College

About Concord Business College

About Concord Business College


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  • To become a leading provider of QUALITY Private Education.


  • Concord Business College represents a genuine initiative to provide top-quality yet affordable professional and academic education to students from Ghana and other African Countries


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  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Being pioneers not followers
  • Creativity and innovation



The College was established with the intent of providing the highest quality of tuition with an affordable fee structure for both local and international students. This will be achieved through:

  1. Responding swiftly but efficiently to the needs of our stakeholders, especially our students.
  2. The possession of adequate resources and facilities to support the work of our staff in deliv­ering the best performance.
  3. Maintaining close relationship with accreditation bodies, government institution.
  4. Ensuring that all of our services are consistent with our promises and representations, whether through pro-motional materials or adverts
  5. Continual review of our performance and striving to improve on what we do.