About Dominion University College School Of Business

About Dominion University College School Of Business

The DUC School of Business offers a comprehensive four-year programme leading to either Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) or Bachelor of Public Administration (BPA). The BBA programme covers four different areas of specialisation namely accounting, banking & finance, marketing and human resource management, and the BPA specialises in public sector accounting.

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The School of Business is a leading teaching and research focused business school offering programmes that stimulate an attitude of thoughtfulness, ambition and visionary-mindedness among students as far as business values and sound practices are concerned. By engaging with business, industry and external organisations, Dominion School of Business offers cutting-edge academic disciplines that expand students’ awareness of the role of business in society and the importance of acting in harmony with social norms and values.

The programmes are taught by combining theory with a practical approach, using case studies, topical issues, field work and practical relevance to link students with the real world.

If you value innovation, and wish to truly understand business from a global perspective, this is a BBA or BPA degree for you to pursue.