About First Allied Savings and Loans Ghana

About First Allied Savings and Loans Ghana

First Allied is a leading Savings & Loans Company in Ghana, with a mission to provide convenient access to efficient innovative and responsive financial services to the Small and Micro Enterprise Sector on a sustainable basis for the mutual benefit of all stakeholders.

With 16 years of providing excellent banking services, First Allied has been consistent in building a differentiating brand through its superior services and irresistible customer support. As a customer-centered institution, First Allied cherishes the service of providing broad range of accessible financial solutions to its customers in a timely manner and at optimum convenience.

Through our network of 21 branches across the country, First Allied provides well- customized products and services targeted at meeting personal financial needs and growth of businesses.

What is remarkable about First Allied is that:
► First Allied offers the LOWEST interest in the Savings & Loans sector
► First Allied DOES NOT CHARGE any type of C.O.T on any of its accounts � No Maintenance fee, No Bank Charges, No Ledger Fee, No Service Charges 
► First Allied does SATURDAY BANKING 
► First Allied is a LISTENING institution � Every customer is given the attention to be understood

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