About Ghana Christian University College School Of Business

About Ghana Christian University College School Of Business

Ghana Christian University College (formerly Ghana Christian College & Seminary) was established in 1966 by American and Ghanaian Christians to train Africa Evangelists, Teachers and Minister of the Gospel. The founders hoped to provide a chance for anyone, from any church background, to be taught the truth from God’s Word without denominational bias.

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For the first four years of its operations, the University was housed in rented buildings in Kokomlemle-Accra. In 1970 a campus was purchased in Abeka-Accra, where the University was re-located. In 1986 additional property was purchased in Abeka to provide more housing for students and staff members. These facilities were inadequate for one hundred students, with boarding facilities for ninety students. The library currently holds about 9,000 volumes, 20 periodicals, and 319 electronic journals with more books being added regularly.

The University has been a Correspondent School with the Accrediting Council for Theological Education in Africa (ACTEA) since 1985. In November, 1987, the College’s status with ACTEA was raised from Correspondence to that of “ACTEA Affiliate” and member of the ACTEA Consortium of Theological Colleges. In 2005 the College achieved Candidature status.


— Advancing Excellence in Transformational Leadership

— To become the Premier Christian University in Africa


To nature and Equip Leaders with a Distinctive Christian World-View to Transform Communities and Organizations which we serve.