About KNUST College of Health Science

About KNUST College of Health Science

The vision of the College of Health Sciences is to be internationally recognized as a premier centre of excellence in teaching, research and entrepreneurial training in medical, pharmaceutical and biomedical sciences in Ghana and Africa, producing high calibre health professionals and medical scientists to support sustainable development of the health sector and industry in Ghana and the rest of the Africa.

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The mission of the College of Health Sciences is to provide an environment for community – based professional training, research and support for health care delivery in Ghana and Africa. The College will also provide entrepreneurial training in health care, pharmaceutical, biomedical sciences to support the industrial and socio-economic development of Ghana and Africa. The College will also provide research and training in traditional medicine, especially herbal medicine, health care, pharmaceutical and biomedical sciences, as well as community services, consultancies, and create collaborative links to attract scholars and students from the international community.

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