About Menergy International

About Menergy International

Menergy International is an indigenous African Logistics and Oilfield Services Company established in 1989 with a vision to become the largest of its kind in Africa. Over the last 23 years, Menergy has worked with the mission to consistently, provide safe, convenient and superior solutions to all our stakeholders. We have continuously worked with competent and experienced personnel in delivering high quality services to our clients.

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As an African company, we have positioned ourselves to become the benchmark of oilfield service provision in Africa in the wake of major discoveries within the region. Not only have we expanded our operations to accommodate the varying demands of our valued clients, we have also positioned ourselves to ensure that indigenes of oil nations in Africa reap the full benefit of their natural resources.

As one of the oldest, indigenous African oilfield services companies, we have accumulated enormous experience working with various clients within the African continent. We currently have operations in Ghana, Cote D’Ivoire, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Gabon, Namibia and UAE.

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Our vision is to become the benchmark of oilfield services in Africa. Being the hallmark in oilfield service provision means we would achieve operational excellence, absolute customer satisfaction and superior financial performance.

 Mission Statement

Menergy International is an over two decades old indigenous African Oilfield Services Company.  Our purpose is to provide oil and gas companies involved in exploration and production with tailor made support services that fulfill their wants and needs at the right time and location.

To deliver services at the highest international standards on the principles that we are here to serve our clients and deliver on our promise of consistent, safe, reliable, environmentally sound and high quality client service.

Message from our CEO

Over the last two decades, we have worked on the principles that we are here to serve our clients and deliver on our promise of consistent, high quality client service across Africa. It has been a long and turbulent journey from when we begun until now that there is a massive wave of oil discoveries across Africa.

In the wake of globalization and competition, multinational companies must accommodate the dynamics of world commerce and appreciate local participation in the countries that they operate. We at Menergy are committed to positioning ourselves as a household brand that serves our clients diligently and still represent the interest of the local people in Africa

At Menergy, we understand that the nature of the offshore industry demands reliability, integrity, consistency, punctually and excellent internal communications to deliver service excellence.

We have come this far because we appreciate diversity and are committed to maintaining long-term relationships with our clients. This year, we have challenged ourselves to increase our commitment to social development in the countries that we operate through our corporate social responsibility program.

We are grateful to our existing clients for how long they have come with us.We are looking forward to have a blissful working relationship with our new clients. I also wish to assure all our clients that, we will deliver the best quality of services and adhere to international quality standards.

Menergy: People Working together towards the future!!

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