About Nobel International Business School

About Nobel International Business School

NIBS is a new, private boutique business school in Ghana. It was founded to make a difference with a new kind of educational model designed to meet the needs of executives, employees and employers in West Africa.

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Extraordinary political and economic developments in Africa over the last several decades are spawning new rules, incentives and opportunities for economic and political development; and are fuelling new sources of engagement within the global economy. These developments necessitate the development of new theoretical and practical models for understanding, evaluating, and affecting the efficient and fair practice of African management in the local as well as global setting.

However, the adoption of the traditional model of business education in Africa has created an obvious contradiction in the African condition – abundant resources and opportunities and yet high levels of unemployment and poverty of many business school graduates. Many have observed that many university graduates lack the requisite knowledge and skills, practical insights, the self-esteem and the confidence to be gainfully employed and be effective on the job from day one; or to start their own businesses. Meanwhile, growth in business student enrolment has skyrocketed as business school leaders bemoan the lack of qualified teaching staff and other resources. For example, there is a severe shortage of doctoral business faculty in West Africa. This is because doctoral training, where it exists, is often chaotic, stressful and lonely, with little guidance to ensure timely and quality completion.

NIBS is designed around you to account for the peculiar needs, problems and opportunities in business education in the African context. NBS will develop, educate and train business professionals throughout their careers with spectrum of programs at Doctoral and Executive education levels,MBA, EMBA and other specialized Master degree programs later in its development. NIBS intend to start operations in January 2015 based in Accra, Ghana but draw students and participants from West Africa and beyond.