About Stream Street College – Remedial School

About Stream Street College – Remedial School

Stream Street College was established on the 1 st of August 2010 in a hostel. The hostel served as residence for University of Ghana students from the year 2004. It then became a hostel for I.P.S students at the time and later served as student accommodated for some remedial students.

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The founder of the school Mr. Daniel Addoquaye in his final year at the university, studying religious studies decided to start a bible study with the remedial students at the hostel. It was through this religious activity that he thought of establishing a remedial school.

The hostel occupied two plots of land, number 2 and 4 Stream Street. The area on which the plots of land sat was waterlogged with ponds and streams flowing and flooding its surroundings. He then added COLLEGE to the street name “STREAM STREET “which then became Stream Street College. He bought plot number 2 and 4 Stream Street from his Brother – In – Law Adza.

The Principal of Stream Street College Mr. Daniel Addoquaye introduced dawn classes to remedial education in Ghana. He enquired from students why that low performance in a quiz he conducted for them. Most students gave reasons along the lines of loss of retentive memory and were not thought very well in their previous schools. This conversation took place prior to a Friday prayer meeting with the students. After the prayer, he then ask the students if they will be interested in having dawn classes to enable complete the W.A.E.C syllabus. All the students at the meeting embraced the idea very well.

Stream Street has become a household name due to the hard work of the Principal popularly known as Mr. Tee and very able support from his good staffs. His vision was to ensure that remedial students are thought with Christian principles accompanied with hard work


If there is one word to describe Mr. Addoquaye it will be a man of integrity, as depicted in choosing the motto for the school “Education with Integrity.”