About Surfline Ghana

About Surfline Ghana

Surfline launched in August 2014 and has been providing 4G data services to Ghanaians in Accra, Tema and Takoradi ever since. Personally, I got a Surfline Mi-Fi last week because my first choice Internet Service Provider was messing around so much with me.

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I initially planned on getting the Surfline SIM Card, but my phone, although 4G did not support the band on which Surfline was operating on. The Surfline Mi-Fi I got cost GHS 250 and came with 5 GB of data. For someone like me, 5 GB seems so little.

In this post, I would want to talk about the shortcodes I found most useful, after using Surfline for close to 14 days. I hope you find them useful too and use them.

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