About University of Ghana School Of Engineering Science

About University of Ghana School Of Engineering Science


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Our vision for the School of Engineering Sciences for the next few years is to become a School of choice for studying Engineering in Ghana and West Africa. This will be achieved by focusing on the following primary areas:

  • Transformation
  • Excellence in teaching and learning
  • innovative research
  • Commercialization



The School of Engineering Sciences mission is to be a balanced learning and research school which is relevant for the development of students, the community and industry. The School will achieve its mission by:

  • Being locally involved, nationally relevant and internationally competitive
  • Fostering scientific innovation and entrepreneurial thinking among students and staff
  • Focusing on the general development of students in respect of their career outcomes
  • Delivering high quality engineers with skills that emphasize the implementation of engineering principles in industry and academia
  • Developing new knowledge through research


Core Values

  • Respect the rights and dignity of each individual
  • Personal integrity and ethical behavior
  • Cultural diversity, tolerance and equality
  • Professionalism and Excellence Quality service provision
  • Accountability among all stakeholders
  • Open communication, transparency and shared decision-making at all levels