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Accra Institute of Technology Bachelor Degree Programs

Bachelor of Occupational Health & Safety Management

Program Synopsis

Successful organisations treat their employees as valuable assets and with increasing cut throat competition and emphasis laid on human resource policies and practices, safety and health of employees cannot be ignored for the success of business entities. Employers are being called upon to strengthen the need to better equip themselves with tools that effectively guard their employees against occupational hazards, including psychosocial ones.

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The program will expand your knowledge and skills in a variety of disciplinary approaches. This programme differs from other programmes, which integrate Occupational safety and health (OSH) and management perspective. The programme has strengths in a number of areas including occupational hygiene, hazard management, OSH management systems development and evaluation. You will also explore legislation and regulations applicable to occupational health and safety. Our program incorporates experiential learning concepts with project-based learning and provides hands-on experience, ensuring students graduate with real-world experience.

The programme providing improved career prospects and advancement in the variety of industries including mining, oil, gas, manufacturing, construction, hotels, marine and aviation industries and many others. There is also demand for graduates in corporate, government, health and academic sectors. OSH professionals work alongside with other professional in the organisation to ensure a safe and healthy working environment.

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Bachelor of Manufacturing Management

Program Synopsis

The Bachelor of Manufacturing Management (BMMG) programme was co-designed by the university and industry professionals to fill jobs in the manufacturing. The content of the degree programme allows students to improve upon their manufacturing and management experiences while also helping to create new skills for the present and future. This degree comprises a management core, a technological emphasis, and a job-specific component customised to fit your needs in a manufacturing environment.

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