Africa Google Ambassador Programme

Africa Google Ambassador Programme

Africa Google Ambassador Programme: The Google Ambassador Programme invites students enrolled in bachelors, masters or PhD degrees at African universities to represent Google on campus.

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Ambassadors work closely with local Google teams to organize events, help promote new products and services and spread Google goodwill.

The Google Campus Ambassador Programme is an opportunity for you to be a liaison between Google and your university.

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Ambassadors plan and host a few events during the school year, introduce students to new Google products and features, and act as a campus contact for Google teams.

Google Campus Ambassadors may:

  • Work closely with local Google teams
  • Host and organize events to bring awareness to Google’s products and brand
  • Spread the word about competitions, bootcamps, scholarships and other opportunities
  • Attend Google events as a Google representative
  • Help Google to better understand your campus’ culture
  • Build relationships on campus with faculty and student groups
  • Test products and features
  • Promote product use and new product launches to students
  • Be a source of knowledge for your university about Google products
  • Spread Google goodwill to your fellow students

    What are the qualifications?

    This opportunity is currently by invitation only and open to students from technical and non-technical studies. Google Campus Ambassadors must be:

  • Currently enrolled in a college or university in Europe, Middle East or Africa
  • Pursuing a BA/BS or MS degree
  • Passionate about technology
  • Able to plan events and manage a budget
  • Actively involved in student life on campus

    What is the time commitment?

  • One academic school year
  • Approx. five hours per month
  • Three to four events per year


    As a Google Campus Ambassador, you will:

  • Receive regular updates about exciting new Google products / features, programmes and announcements
  • Enhance your professional development, leadership, technical and communication skills
  • Be eligible to participate in special Google events, product trainings and be considered for local internships
  • Exchange best practices with ambassadors from other schools and disciplines
  • Add the Google Campus Ambassador Programmeexperience to your resume
  • Get your own Google SWAG.

For more information and scholarship applications, see: Africa Google Ambassador Programme