Africa Small Grants

Africa Small Grants

Africa Small Grants; Illicit Financial Flows from Africa (IFF) – Invitation for Concept Notes.

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A growing number of recent studies have indicated that the amount of financial resources flowing out of Africa illicitly is huge, and continues to grow.

The issue of illicit financial flows (IFFs) is at the forefront of the development agenda now, with several multilateral organizations involved, including the AfDB, UNECA, UNDP, the World Bank, IMF, OECD, etc.

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Estimates by the African Development Bank (AfDB) and Global Financial Integrity (GFI) in 2013 indicate that IFFs were the main driving force behind the net drain of resources from Africa of US$1.2 – 1.3 trillion between 1980-2009, on an inflation-adjusted basis.

IFFs grew at a much faster pace over the 30-year period 1980-2009 than net recorded transfers.

TrustAfrica is inviting Concept Notes from interested researchers to carry out in-depth studies at country or sector-level to shed more light on what Africa should do to stop the bleeding of the continent.

Small grants will be awarded to junior researchers with a Masters degree or who have just completed their PhDs from various disciplines.

The proposed research should focus on the following themes (other interesting themes will be considered):


  • Channels and mechanisms of IFFs
  • IFFs and the financial regulatory environment
  • International trade mis-invoicing and IFFs
  • Tax havens and IFFs
  • Institutional capacity and IFFs
  • IFFs and Economic policy
  • The influence of IFFs on human rights, crime, violence and conflict
  • Channels and magnitude of the impact of IFFs on socio-economic variables: maternal health, child mortality, unemployment, poverty, etc.
  • IFFs and transformation of specific African countries
  • Mechanisms for addressing IFFs
  • Local enterprises participation in extractive industry value chains, beneficiation and IFFs
  • Regional integration and IFFs
  • IFFs and Taxation
  • Sectoral analysis of patterns of IFFsThe Concept Note should clearly and precisely identify the following:
  • Context and rationale of the project
  • Project goal and objectives
  • Methodological approachThe concept note should be accompanied by a CV indicating the applicant’s qualification and research experience.TrustAfrica intends to award up to 10 research grants, with a maximum amount of US$6,000 for each.

The duration for the implementation of the research project will not exceed 12 months Kindly submit your Concept Note and CV by email to the following address:

The deadline for submission of Concept Notes is August 15.

TrustAfrica will contact only those whose applications meet the requirements.

For more information and small grants application; see Africa Small Grants