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African Leadership Academy Scholarships

African Leadership Academy Scholarships: African Leadership Academy Scholarships: African Leadership Academy (ALA) depends on individuals and organizations across Africa and around the world who are committed to exposing outstanding young people to opportunities that will help them realize their potential.

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You can nominate a student to ALA. ALA seeks 15-18 year old students from all backgrounds who meet the selection criteria: academic excellence; leadership potential; entrepreneurial spirit; dedication to public service; and passion for Africa.

ALA has an extensive financial assistance program that seeks to enable every admitted student, regardless of background, to attend the Academy.

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A student’s ability to pay tuition is not a factor in admissions decisions. The value of financial awards is determined after admissions decisions have been made.

Fees charged to a given student will be based on a family’s financial means.

Students from financially disadvantaged backgrounds who are accepted to the Academy will receive large financial aid awards.

For more information and scholarship applications, see: African Leadership Academy Scholarships