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African Small Grants – Small Research Grants for African Scientists

African Small Grants: The global change System for Analysis, Research and Training (START) seeks to enhance scientific capacity for global environmental change (GEC) research in developing regions.

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START’s Africa Initiative (AI) seeks Pre-Proposals from African scientists for one-year projects on global environmental change in Africa.

Proposed research must be field-based and should seek to address substantive policy-relevant challenges facing African policymakers in one or more of the AI areas of conflict resolution, energy, food security, health, migration, and the cross-cutting theme of climate change.

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Special consideration will be given to proposals that are amenable to cross-country comparison and develop benchmarks for measuring policy outcomes.

Particular attention will be given to proposals that deal with one or more of the following topics:


  • Distribution of food and water as a public good
  • Financing for innovative solutions to challenges in the areas of climate change and energy
  • Emerging donors in Africa, such as India, China and Brazil
  • Implications of demographic change and urbanization
  • Policy implementation gaps in local health care delivery and treatment of infectious diseases
  • Sources of funding for rebel movementsThe Africa Initiative encourages proposals from relevant fields of physical sciences and social sciences. Eligible applicants are African-based scholars, and early-to-mid-career Canadian-based researchers.Applicants must have a post-graduate degree or be in the advanced stages of a doctoral program.While the Africa Initiative will give due consideration to any proposal consistent with the overall aim of this project, special consideration will be given to proposed research that:
  • Aims to develop innovative approaches to addressing policy challenges in the Africa Initiative’s thematic areas
  • Seeks to collect data that can be used by policy makers in Africa
  • Attempts to inform both policy makers and academics
  • Involves questions that are especially amenable to cross-national comparisonAfrican Small Grants Amount: CAD$15,000Deadline: Varies

For further details, see: African Small Grants – Small Research Grants for African Scientists Website