AIT Business School PhD Programs

AIT Business School PhD Programs

PhD (Business Administration)

Program Synopsis

The objectives of the Doctor of Philosophy (Business Administration) are:

1. To enhance the research management skills in specific areas of business studies,

2. To enhance the analytical and conceptual skills in specific areas of business studies, and

3. To foster research and development of new and improved knowledge in specific areas of business studies.

The Doctor of Philosophy (Business Administration) is designed to provide a strong foundation in selected areas of business administration by learning through the various phases in the research process.

This programme is also developed to enhance the expertise of business professionals who are inclined towards an academic career, research related careers, or human resources development in selected areas of business administration like management, marketing, finance and economics.

This program comprised three parts:

Part I – Compulsory Core Courses
Part II – Research
Part III – Thesis Examination

Part II – Research

After completing the required courses (PART I) candidates will begin the research and thesis work (PART II) under the guidance of a supervisor.

Each candidate will meet the assigned supervisor at least 4 times in a semester and achieve satisfactory progress in the research / thesis work before being allowed to register in the subsequent semester.

Areas of specializations in research / thesis:
a. Management (Human Resource, Organizational Behaviour, Strategy, Ethics, etc)

b. Marketing (Service, Consumer Behaviour, Strategy, etc)

c. Finance (Investment, Banking, Portfolio Management, etc)

d. Economics (Industrial Economics, Development, etc)

Part III – Thesis Examination

When the candidate has completed the thesis and is ready for examination, an examining committee consisting of one internal examiner and one external examiner will be appointed to assess the thesis (PART III). The student will also be examined in the Viva Voce session.

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