AIT School of Education and Instructional Technologies PhD Programs

AIT School of Education and Instructional Technologies PhD Programs

PhD (Education)

Program Synopsis

The PhD in Education is a research-oriented degree designed for educators from schools, teacher training colleges, universities, businesses, industry, government agencies, non-governmental organizations, the military and other educational settings who need a strong research base in their careers.

The intent of the programme is interdisciplinary and designed to meet the needs of educators in various positions. Students are presented with knowledge and skills in solving problems and making decisions about research that will advance their development in the profession.

Opportunity is provided for students to focus on an area of study according to his or her interest, previous background and experience.

This program comprised three parts:

Part I – Compulsory Core Courses

Part II – Research
Upon completion of the required courses, candidates will be required to attend two seminars

Part III – Thesis Examination

Part III – Thesis Examination

Candidates are required to conduct research and complete a thesis under the guidance of a supervisor assigned by AIT. Candidate will be required to make a presentation of preliminary findings at a Seminar.
The completed thesis will be sent to an External Examiner and Internal Examiner to be assessed and followed by a Viva Voce.

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