AIT School of Education Masters Programs

AIT School of Education and Instructional Technologies Masters Programs

Master of Instructional Design and Technology

Program Synopsis

The Master of Instructional Design Technology programme (MIDT) offered by the Open University Malaysia (OUM) aims to produce graduates who will be equipped with impactful theories, principles and practices of Instructional Design that could be applied in numerous engaging, attractive and appealing settings especially in an e-learning and social media environment. The instructional methods for MIDT are task-based and student centered, utilizing up to date learning designs to suit various technology environments. As we are aware, present day students are facing learning challenges that are fundamentally different from that of previous generations.

They require a different kind of educational experience that fits their multitasking lifestyle. In addition to this growing demand are technological developments, which have ushered in a new paradigm in education, bringing with it a new breed of students and a demand for courses that meet their needs. With the job market growing ever more competitive, and employees being expected to continually develop themselves professionally, lifelong learning’ has become a necessity.

Master of Education

Program Synopsis

The objective of the Master of Education is:
To equip you with up-to-date knowledge and specialized skills in order to enhance your professional career as well as provide you with continuous personal improvement in today�s academic world.

Due to the current shift towards knowledge-based economy, there is a growing demand for highly-educated teachers or educational leaders to manage schools and institutions more effectively.

Educational expertise and credibility are prerequisites of schools and institutions with raised academic standards in their need to adapt to the ever-changing educational scenarios

MSc (Science)

Program Synopsis

The main objective of the program is to provide postgraduate education and develop advanced expertise in selected areas of science and technology. Students are encouraged to pursue research of the highest standard, with relevance to the field of

� Sciences
� Mathematics
� Management of Science programs for distance students and technology development.

The Master of Science (Science) program is a postgraduate research degree, which is purely by preparing and completing a research thesis.

This program comprised three parts:

Part I – Compulsory Core Courses
Part II – Research
Part III – Thesis Examination

Part II – Research

In Part II, students will conduct research and prepare thesis through self-managed learning and/or independent study under the guidance of a supervisor. Each student must meet the assigned supervisor at least four times in each semester before he/she can progress to the subsequent semester.

A candidate can choose any of the following specialization areas to pursue their research.
Areas of specialization in research/thesis are as follows:

� Agriculture Technology and Business
� Applied Science
� Biotechnology Management
� Computational and Theoretical Mathematics
� Distance Education in Chemistry and other Science/Mathematics subjects
� Nursing and Health Sciences
� Science Education
� Sports Science

Part III – Thesis Examination

In Part III, the student has completed the thesis and ready to submit the thesis for examination. An internal examiner and one external examiner will be appointed to assess the MSc (Science) thesis and the candidate will be examined in the Viva Voce session.

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