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AIT School of Systems and Data Studies PhD Programs

PhD (Information Technology)

Program Synopsis

Ultimately this programme aims to:

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1. Enhance research management skills in specific areas of Information Technology.

2. Improve the analytical and conceptual skills in specific areas of Information Technology.

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3. Foster research and development of new knowledge in specific areas of Information Technology.

The Doctor of Philosophy degree programme in Open University Malaysia (OUM) has been designed to produce cutting edge knowledge workers in information and communication technology and cater to the needs of industries, academic and research institutions.

In particular, the objective of this programme is to produce high calibre researchers in critical areas in information and communication technology.

This program comprised three parts:

Part I – Compulsory Core Courses
Part II – Research
Part III – Thesis Examination

Part II – Research

Students will be conducting the research and prepare the thesis under the guidance of supervisor(s). The areas of research in this field of study are as follows:

(i) Methodology of Information System Development
(ii) E- Learning

  • Learning Object Modelling
  • Object Reusability
  • Automatic Instructional Design
  • Use modelling
  • E-Learning Effectiveness
  • Student Assessment in E-Learning Environment

(iii) Intelligent Systems and Novel Computing
(iv) Knowledge Management
(v) Database

  • Uncertainty Database
  • Spatial Database

(vi) Computer/Information System Security
(vii) Media planning and Economic

Part III – Thesis Examination

In Part III, the candidate has completed the thesis and is ready to submit it for examination. An internal examiner and one external examiner will be appointed to assess the Ph.D. (Information Technology) thesis in the Viva Voce session.

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