Alfred Friendly Press Fellowships (AFPF)

Alfred Friendly Press Fellowships (AFPF)

Alfred Friendly Press Fellowships (AFPF): Alfred Friendly Press Fellowships (AFPF) are for journalists from countriesother than the U.S.

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They work as reporters for six months on publications in US so as to further understanding of the press.

Types of support: Fellowships; Foreign applicants

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Application Information: Application form required. Application forms are available online.

Applications should include: Curriculum vitae, Essay, Letter(s) of recommendation and Work samples.

The program runs from mid-March to September.

It is offered annually to approximately ten professional print journalists between the ages of 25 and 35.

It was created in 1984 by Alfred Friendly, a Pulitzer Prize winning reporter and former managing editor of The Washington Post.

The Alfred Friendly Press Fellowships is one of the most successful and admired programs in international education for journalists.

AFPF is unique in that it is the only program to offer foreign journalists a non-academic, long-term, hands-on experience in a single news organization.

Fellowships provide a working visit of approximately six months in the U.S.

Fellows must be professional journalists, fluent in spoken and written English, with at least three years experience in the profession and an employer, preferably an independent publication, willing to endorse their application, to continue part of their salary during the fellowship, and to employ them when the fellowship ends.

The fellowships cover all costs of international and national U.S. travel.

A monthly stipend is provided to cover basic living expenses.

Deadline: Sept. 1, every year

More Information: The Alfred Friendly Foundation, c/o Susan Albrecht, 1616 H St. N.W., 3rd Fl. Washington, DC 20006. USA. Fax: (202) 737-4416. E-mail: info[at]

For further details, and application materials, contact: Alfred Friendly Press Fellowships