Allianz Insurance company Credit Insurance Solutions

Allianz Insurance company Credit Insurance Solutions

Credit Insurance Solutions

Trade credit insurance, also called accounts receivable insurance, is a financial tool that protects your company from your customer’s failure to pay their trade related debts. This situation can occur if your customer becomes insolvent or if they simply fail to pay within the agreed upon timeframe.

A credit insurance policy with Euler Hermes eliminates one major source of business uncertainty: the impact of unpaid invoices. This assurance empowers you to sell more and to sell with confidence.

How does credit insurance works?

A trade credit insurance policy with Euler Hermes is a dynamic partnership that protects your company against unforeseen bad debt risks. At the onset of the policy, Euler Hermes analyzes the creditworthiness of your insurable customers and assigns them a specific credit limit, which is the amount we will cover should that customer fail to pay.

Euler Hermes then proactively monitors your buyers throughout the duration of your policy in order to ensure your covered buyers’ continued creditworthiness. Your business will benefit from access to our global database with live information on millions of companies, representing 92% of global GDP.

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