Allianz Insurance company Fixed Income Products

Allianz Insurance company Fixed Income Products

Fixed Income Products

Allianz helps private and institutional clients develop their investment portfolios and increase their assets. Allianz Asset Management offers a wide range of high performance funds with all major asset classes and investment styles. As our client, you will benefit from investment solutions developed by our network of world-class investment specialists.

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Benefit from our investment specialists

Our global network of investment experts can help you achieve your investment targets and financial objectives. Allianz Asset Management work with a passion and commitment to one united goal: to protect and enhance the wealth of the client.

Fixed Income

Bonds offer investors the potential for regular income, preservation of capital, portfolio diversification and a hedge against an economic slowdown. The range of issuers in the world’s largest securities markets offers opportunities for a broad spectrum of investors.

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Absolute Return

Absolute return strategies employ the full expression of our investment ideas, without the constraints of benchmark-specific guidelines. These strategies aim to minimize systematic exposure to the stock or bond market, while seeking to offer diversification, attractive risk-adjusted returns and capital preservation.


Credit solutions incorporate securities from global issuers across the credit spectrum and capital structure, from investment grade to high yield and from convertible bonds to bank loans. These strategies can address a range of objectives and risk tolerances, and offer the potential for diversification and enhanced returns due to credit risk premiums.

Emerging Markets

Emerging market strategies seek to capitalize on the favorable outlook for select developing economies, targeting countries with strong fundamentals where Allianz sees potential for attractive risk-adjusted returns and diversification. These strategies benefit from our extensive experience, global presence and comprehensive macro economic views.


Municipal bond strategies invest in securities issued by states, local governments and related institutions, offering income that is exempt from federal, and in some cases state, income tax, as well as the potential for capital gains. For investors facing high marginal income tax rates, municipal bonds can offer the potential for greater after-tax yields than taxable bonds with similar maturities and credit quality.

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