Allianz Insurance company House and home Insurance

Allianz Insurance company House and home Insurance

House and home

Reliable planning for realizing dreams

When you think of buying, improving or protecting your home, our comprehensive investment plans will help you purchase the home of your dreams. You can also choose from our many insurance solutions to protect your belongings from loss and damage.

What we can do for you

  • Allianz starts helping right away. One call is enough.
  • We provide an emergency hotline 24/7, free of charge.
  • We care for the small pitfalls of life. Ask your local Allianz representative about the Allianz house and home insurance.

One of our greatest assets

Our experts help you plan and budget savings plans for your home. We offer capital growth investment funds and high performing savings plans to assist with building or buying your dream house. We also provide flexible mortgages to suit your budget and needs.

Once you are a homeowner, your personal investment plan and specialist loans can fund improvements and renovations. In some markets, we also offer special financial assistance to help make your home more environmentally friendly or even to build new ‘green’ homes.

Reliable protection

Our comprehensive household, liability and legal insurance will protect and secure your home and possessions. If you suddenly lose your basic possessions through an unexpected event, you need an insurance partner who delivers help promptly and without complications. Allianz has proven itself to be a reliable partner – for instance after the floods in Central Europe and the hurricanes in the United States.

Emerging Service For Your Home

Just one call to the emergency hotline is enough – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The responsible service agent will do everything necessary to solve the customer’s issue. The required craftsmen or service providers will be sent out quickly to repair the damage – even on weekends. In the end, Allianz pays the bill.

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