Allianz Insurance company Mobility Insurance

Allianz Insurance company Mobility Insurance


Comprehensive protection for all that’s ahead

Whether you have a car or motorcycle, Allianz’ global expertise offers reliable protection and the peace of mind you need – no matter if you’re at home or abroad.

Staying safe on the road

We offer comprehensive car and motorcycle insurance that includes basic liability, accident and physical damage as well as legal protection. Our specialist insurance packages include luxury and classic cars, foreign travel in your own car and coverage for experienced drivers.

Investigation for your safety

Road accidents are one of the leading causes of death. Therefore, our automobile specialists at the Allianz Centre for Technology (ACT) are continually investigating ways to reduce or even avoid accident damage. Their findings help increase road and traffic safety and keep insurance premiums lower.

Car insurance for all situations

It is a huge shock for anyone to have their car destroyed in a natural disaster. It also means a lot of hassle to stay mobile. Allianz supports its customers in making these times as stress-free as possible.

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