Allianz Insurance company Multinational Solutions

Allianz Insurance company Multinational Solutions

Multinational Solutions

Allianz Multinational – Insurance Across Borders (P&C)

Allianz Multinational draws on our considerable experience in insurance program design and management to deliver a range of global products and services which are sympathetic to clients of differing size, spread and risk profile. From coordinated stand-alone local placements to fully integrated International Insurance Programs, we adopt a modular approach to program design to ensure our clients are fully covered wherever their business takes them.

Our extensive global network comprising Allianz offices and carefully selected partners offers a wealth of underwriting, risk management, policy servicing and claims expertise. Together we strive to provide maximum peace of mind in the most flexible, cost effective and efficient way – global service excellence backed by the established strength and stability of the Allianz Group.

Allianz Multinational solutions are offered by Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty for large corporations and by local Allianz entities for small and medium sized companies.

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