Allianz Insurance company Shares and Commodities

Allianz Insurance company Shares and Commodities

Shares and Commodities

Our innovative products and strategies employ the firm’s proven investment process to help our clients capture the best opportunities in all market environments. Our macroeconomic forecasting, authoritative sector and security analysis and rigorous risk management address the challenges of a rapidly changing world.

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Equity strategies offer the potential for attractive long-term returns relative to other asset classes as well as a high level of liquidity. While historically more volatile than investments in fixed income, investments in stocks often serve as core holdings in balanced portfolios for many types of investors.

Active Stock Selection

Allianz actively managed equity strategies seek to capture attractive risk adjusted returns using a rigorous investment process and comprehensive industry, company and security analysis to select stocks with the potential to outperform the broader market.

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Equity Market Neutral

Equity-market neutral strategies seek to hedge systemic equity market risk in a long portfolio of actively selected stocks through an equal short position in a broad group of stocks such as an index.  Equity-market neutral stategies can be potentially less volatile than long-only equity investments and can also improve diversification in a portfolio containing real estate, bonds, and commodities.

Real Assets

Strategies that employ real assets aim to have either an explicit or implicit return correlation to inflation. Real assets include inflation-linked bonds, commodities and real estate or some combination of those assets. This can potentially enhance portfolio diversification, mitigate inflation risk and provide more stable real (after-inflation) returns.

Retirement Income

Retirement income strategies seek to transform accumulated savings into a stream of inflation-adjusted income that supplements Social Security and pension income during retirement.

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