Antlis Oil and Gas Limited Services

Antlis Oil and Gas Limited Services


Distribution of finished petroleum products to bulk end-users

In Ghana, other than the service stations and other retailer outlets, there exist another category of bulk end-users; a group we refer to as ‘corporate clients’. These include but not limited to transportation companies, quarries, credible mining companies, construction companies, haulage companies, factories and hotels.
We have special purpose-designed packages for the various corporate clients that strategically positions Antlis towards the attainment of the best oil and gas company in Ghana within a remarkable period of time.

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Bulk importation and storage of finished petroleum products

Antlis Oil and Gas Limited (AOGL) is working to becoming an emerging key player in Ghana’s infant deregulated Downstream oil and gas industry. Like any other oil and gas company with a BDC licence in Ghana, the primary activity of Antlis is to undertake bulk importation, storage, sale (bulk distributor) and exportation of petroleum products.
Harnessing our expertise, experience and our international co-operations, Antlis is able to purchase its petroleum products in bulk from direct end-sellers, Title Holders and Refineries thereby taking advantage of economies of scale; which in turn makes the company highly competitive in relation to pricing, quality and services.

Local Purchase Order Financing

Through our partnership program with investment houses and top banks, we are ready and willing to finance Local Purchase Orders (LPOs) received by other small and medium size enterprises within Ghana that either do not have the funds to supply their clients or have too many LPOs than they can handle.
For further information please do not hesitate to contact our finance team at the Spintex Road, Accra Office.

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Contracts, Negotiations & Buying of Crude Oil and Fuel Oil

Though very many oil and gas companies have highly qualified personnel to handle most of their businesses, only few of such personnel are conversant with all the numerous markets globally and the procedures that are acceptable in each region.Due to our strong partnership programs, we are so versatile and we are able to work through contracts and negotiations.
Antlis is open to all companies across the globe that are interested in buying crude oil of West African origin but either are not conversant with the market situations or are frustrated with the OPEC and Off OPEC related issues especially in Nigeria.

Bulk Supply of Finished Petroleum Products on Credit Facility Basis up to a period of 90 days to BDCs in Ghana and oil trading companies within the West African sub-region

Antlis’ international petroleum trading activities are conducted through its main office at Spintex Road Accra, Ghana and through its collaborating branch offices and partner offices in Ghana, Nigeria, Trinidad and Tobago, The United Kingdom and The United States.
We are able to offer Credit Terms and Deferred LC Terms to oil companies in Ghana and other acceptable countries within the West African sub-region for periods up to a maximum of 90 days from the date of Bill of Lading. For more information about our international credit terms please contact us. .

Ship-To-Ship (STS) Transfers

Antlis in collaboration with its international trading partners work to be bringing finished petroleum products in enormous quantities on large vessels to Togo Triangle, around Tema and Lagos outside bars for oil trading companies to purchase via a process called Ship-To-Ship transfers (STS)
It is an operation whereby the transfer of cargo between seagoing vessels/ships positioned alongside each other is carried out. The discharging vessel is known as STBL (Ship to be lightered). It is also called Mother vessel while the receiving vessel is called the Daughter Vessel. One vessel acts as the terminal leaving the second one to moor. Under this arrangement, our buyers will have to charter vessels that can convey their required quantities to move to the location of our mother vessel for the ship-to-ship (STS) transfer to take place.

Retailing of finished petroleum products nation wide

Antlis has a partnership agreement with Petroland Limited, an Oil Marketing Company (OMC) in Ghana. This agreement is to enable us brand service/filling stations in the name and logo of Petroland and sell our products at the very outlets, while we share profit margins with Petroland.
We have started acquiring semi-completed filling stations belonging to individuals mostly in the southern half of Ghana for the first phase. We will complete them and start selling petroleum products mainly PMS/Gasoline and AGO/Gasoil at the various locations.

Exportation of finished petroleum products to neighboring Burkina Faso and Mali

Considering the fact that Burkina-Faso and Mali are land-locked countries and are dependent mostly on Ghana for their finished petroleum products, we leverage on that as a great business opportunity. We are open to deals from petroleum merchants from Burkina-Faso and Mali so as to export part of our products to these destinations using trucks.
We also are able to solidify arrangements with oil and gas companies in these neighboring countries so that Antlis can import and store the finished petroleum products to Ghana purposely for them.

Bulk distribution of finished petroleum products to other BDCs

It is self-evident that over 80% of the oil companies licensed as Bulk oil Distribution Companies (BDCs) in Ghana are not able to import the finished petroleum products to the country at this point due to one reason or the other. Looking at the requirements and the cost for the BDC licence, these companies would not give up their licences.
They therefore negotiate and buy in bulk from the few BDCs that import the products. Antlis therefore is able to go to the negotiation table with other BDCs to design special packages for them. We understand they will need to resell the products to OMCs and so we supply to them at very great prices with amazing terms.

Bulk distribution of finished petroleum products to OMCs

At the inception of the deregulation in the petroleum downstream sector in Ghana, a number of oil companies had been classified as Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs). These are the companies that were licensed to carry out retailing of the petroleum products the BDCs import into the country.
The OMCs run all the service stations, filling stations and dealers outlets nationwide, either directly or indirectly. The OMCs do not however import the products and so will have to purchase in bulk from the BDCs. As every OMC is allowed to fix its own prices, competitiveness is a key factor in succeeding as and oil marketing company
In Antlis, we believe in quick returns rather than large profit margins and so we supply credible OMCs at very competitive prices that can translate into them also becoming competitive in terms of their pump prices.

Petroleum Haulage (Tank trucks services)

Antlis is working on getting together tank trucks to facilitate our internal distribution of petroleum products to OMCs and other bulk end-users as well as our external supplies to Burkina Faso and Mali. As part of our plans to grow while carrying along other people in the society, Antlis encourages individuals to buy tank trucks and submit them to us as special form of investment. These trucks will make our distribution process easier while we put money in the pockets of the original owners.
When we have a great deal of petroleum trucks, we equally hope to win revolving contracts from entities like Bulk Oil Storage and Transportation (BOST) to transport petroleum products from Tema to other BOST depots in Kumasi and the rest in the northern half of Ghana.