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Arthritis Research Grants

Arthritis Research Grants

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These grants are awarded to provide support for projects designed to seek an answer to a single question or small group of related questions. arc will consider support of clinical projects relating to pathogenesis, diagnosis or treatment, as well as projects of a more fundamental scientific nature, provided that they offer promise of advancement in the understanding of arthritis and related musculoskeletal diseases.

Project grants

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Project grants may provide funding of up to £300,000 and applicants wishing to request sums in excess of this limit are strongly advised to contact the Research and EducationDepartment before submitting an application.

Project grants are of limited duration, usually up to a maximum of 3 years, and may provide for the salary of postdoctoral researchers and/or technical assistance. Salaries will be according to age and experience on the appropriate scientific or clinical salary scale

Running costs and small items of essential equipment may also be requested, although applications for major items of equipment costing in excess of £30,000 will be considered only from established units and must be applied for separately

Deadlines for Project grants: 26 October, 22 February, 28 June

Programme grants

Programme grants are awarded to established groups undertaking research relevant to the aims of arc and which have a substantial research track record already supported by project grants from arc, research councils or other funding bodies operating peer review.

Programmes are potentially renewable and may provide funding of up to £1,200,000 over 5 years for the salaries of academic and technical staff plus running costs and small items of essential equipment

Deadlines for Programmes grants: 07 June

Equipment grants

Requests for small items of essential equipment (costing less than £30,000) which are needed for specific projects should be included in a project, fellowship or programme grant application.

Major items of equipment (costing in excess of £30,000), which will facilitate multiple projects, must be applied for separately even if only part funding is requested.

Deadlines for Equipment grants: 26 October, 22 February, 28 June

Follow the links below for more details and applicationcontacts.

For more information, visit: Arthritis Research Grants Website