Ashesi University College Fees Structure 2023/2024

Ashesi University College Fees Structure 2023/2024

Ashesi University College Fees Structure | Ashesi University College Fees Per Semester | Ashesi University SchoolFees

Ashesi’s academic year consist of two semesters. The first semester of every academic year begins late August to December, and the second semester runs from January to May. Tuition fees also cover textbooks. Students who do not already have medical insurance, will be required to sign on for one upon enrolment into Ashesi.

Other Fees 
Medical insurance (not required with proof of other medical insurance)$240$240
On-campus housing (optional)$940$1,193

*Effective August 2022

In addition to the above expenses, we recommend that students budget an additional minimum of $300 per semester to cover personal expenses and incidentals.

Ashesi has very flexible payment plans for families who cannot pay fees in full at the start of the semester. Families have the option of making payments twice a semester or four times a semester. Families who pay full tuition fees before the due date for each semester, will receive discount.


Early Payment Discount3.5%
Additional Charge for Paying in Two Instalments3% fee
Additional Charge for Paying in four instalments6% fee

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