Ashesi University College Programs/Courses

Ashesi University College Programs/Courses

Bachelor of Science Engineering
Africa needs better-designed infrastructure and new, efficient products tailored for local needs. Ashesi’s Engineering majors – Mechanical, Electrical & Electronic and Computer Engineering – with a focus on design, entrepreneurship and problem solving, aims to empower students to drive the important innovations that Africa needs. The industry-responsive curriculum adapts from the models of some of the world’s best engineering schools to foster systems thinking, real-world learning and design.

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Bachelor of Science Computer Science
Ashesi’s Computer Science programme focuses not only on software design and programming, but also on empowering young people to be at the forefront of African growth by harnessing the power of technology. Students in the Computer Science programme are taken through robust foundational courses that prepare them to engage new technologies, and create software tools for African needs.

Bachelor of Science Management Information Systems
The Management Information Systems programme at Ashesi empowers students to improve business efficiency by effectively leveraging the connections between Information Technology and the functions of business and organizational strategy. This interdisciplinary programme trains students to be managers who are uniquely prepared to lead businesses in the new knowledge economy.

Bachelor of Science Business Administration
Ashesi’s business programme depends on the foundation set by the core liberal curriculum, and prepares students to be leaders who can recognise opportunities in the needs of society and build businesses to help solve them. The business programme takes students through global business practices, with a focus on Africa’s dynamic economy. Class projects are done in partnership with local businesses in order to help students learn practical skills through solving real-world problems.

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