AUCC School Of Business Programmes

AUCC School Of Business Programmes


The BSc Administration programme in Accounting emphasizes rigorous, innovative and analytical training aimed at providing an educational experience, which prepares students for a world of employment in addition to empowering them as potential financial managers, financial consultants, administrators, entrepreneurs, wealth creators and ultimately employers. The major aim of the programme, then, is to address the current need of accountants and financial managers who can help solve the financial crises of the Ghanaian economy and the world at large. Upon completion of our programme, our students will have a strong quantitative background, most typically in mathematics, economics, accounting and finance.

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The Banking and Finance programme emphasizes the provision of excellent banking and financial services which can stand the test of time and meet the global and international standards in the financial services industry. The programme prepares students who can make viable contributions to the financial services industry with innovative banking and financial practices. Students will be exposed to local, African and international modern financial and banking practices, theories and ethics to prepare them for the financial services industry and to solve the many challenges that the industry is currently facing in Ghana and the world at large. With the modernization of the current financial market, the programme will explore current banking industry trends such as Internet and electronic banking, relationship banking and effective capital and financial services management.


This programme provides students with the necessary theoretical and practical grounding necessary to function effectively as HR practitioners. Initially designed as a general programme, this programme now allows specialisation at the undergraduate level. The philosophy of the HRM programme is partly embedded in the objective. In order to be adequately prepared for the above identified tasks, the delivery of the course involves a wide range of methods including lectures, cases, discussions, assignments, student presentations and special projects


The marketing curriculum is designed with a global outlook, but national focus in mind. Ghana’s economy is growing and changing to reflect a sharp growth in the service sector. Part of the growth in the service industry has been substantial progress in the knowledge industry. This means much of traded goods are now intangible, and the marketing of these intangibles are likely to be more difficult than the marketing of tangible goods. The marketing curriculum has been designed with this change in mind. Our curriculum will turn out graduates with a full understanding of the complex, theoretical and ever growing practical challenges associated with contemporary marketing around the globe. Armed with an education from our School, graduates will be positioned to function effectively as employees in the capacity of marketing executives, marketing consultants as well as establishing ventures that provide marketing services to a wide range of clients in different industries. The content of the programme and the method of delivery both reflect this.