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AVLM – Management, Production and Activities Training Grants

AVLM – Management, Production and Activities Training Grants: The AudioVisual Learning Materials (AVLM) training focuses on three major themes:

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  • Policy and Management of Multimedia Support in Education
  • Production and Integration of Learning Materials
  • Organizing Learning Activities with MultimediaThe training consists of lectures, workshops, seminars, hands-on sessions, individual project work, group discussions, reflection moments and presentations.Given the variety in the participants’ profiles and their unfamiliarity with many aspects of multimedia production in an educational context, AVLM kicks off with a three week introductory hands-on course to give every participant the much needed basic knowledge and competences on each theme.In the first three weeks participants are introduced to the three major themes. Their mid-term assignment is a test of their acquired skills and competences in all of these fields.

    Grant Admission requirements:

    Candidates should meet the following criteria:


  • They hold a Bachelor’s degree (or higher) with basic ICT skills and preferably some preliminary experience in the production of audiovisual (learning) materials
  • They have a good written and spoken command in English
  • They have a contract with the university (or equivalent education / research institute or organisation)
  • They are in a position to deliver audiovisual support to staff members at the institute
  • They are currently involved in projects or initiatives in which audiovisual learning materials are used, eventually developed.

For more information and application, see: AVLM – Management, Production and Activities Training Grants