Bayfield Oil Services Products and Services

Bayfield Oil Services Products and Services

CCU Sales & Rentals

We are a leader in the sales and rentals of CCUs in Ghana. Our CCUs are used at all levels of oil operations from drilling through to production. Find below the different types of units on sale and rental

  1. Containers and Baskets
  2. Offshore Trash Compactors (for large producers of general waste)
  3. A60 Rental Cabins
  4. A60 Cabin Maintenance and
  5. Modular cabins designed to meet customers or individual specifications, etc

Chemical Supply

We do supply production and industrial chemicals. Our years of experience in the industry and partnerships formed with global manufacturers have given us a lead in this supply area.

We do not only supply the chemicals to customers but also follow up and oversee to the application of the chemical.

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