BECE Result Checker For 2023 Examination

BECE Result Checker For 2023 Examination

BECE Result Checker For 2023 Examination – Where to Buy BECE Result Checker For 2023 Examination. BECE Result Checker 2023

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BECE Result Checker for WAEC 2023

We are in the wake of release of the results of the Basic Education Certificate Exam that was released by the West African Examination Council. The year saw the largest number of registered candidates to sit for the examination. The BECE result checker process has been simplified and candidates can check online for their results. We have compiled a comprehensive list of the BECE 2023 results checker to help candidates navigate through the system.

The BECE examination awards successful candidates with certificates to proceed from Junior High Schools to Senior High Schools and other Technical institutions in Ghana. Students are legible to sit for the BECE examination after completing the Junior High School. Apart from the online BECE result checker, WAEC is involved in the dispatching of results through the Municipal and the District Directors of Schools.

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When will The 2023 BECE Results Be Released

 BECE Result Checker 2023

WAEC Result Checker BECE

The year saw a total of 468, 060 candidates sit for the examination. This comprised of 241, 145 males and 226,906 females which was an increase from the previous year. 3,315 registered candidates failed to turn up for the examination. However for 1,298 students, there results were withheld with suspicion of examination malpractices. The WAEC immediately issued certificates for the successful candidates two months after the release of the results. Candidates are urged for BECE result check 2023 promptly and make inquiries in case of complaints.

How to check BECE Results

For the WAEC BECE result checker, visit the official WAEC result website You will automatically be directed to the application form which contains details and fields of information concerning your examination details.

  • Enter your Index number used during the examination.
  • Select the type of examination. In this instance, you will select BECE and for the time period May/June
  • Enter the serial number at the back of the scratch card. It contains 12 figures. Upon purchase of the card, ensure the serial number has not been tampered with.
  • Enter the 12-digit Personal Identification Number on the scratch card. For instance, 2341231675
  • Counter check to ensure all the information filled in the field is correct.
  • Submit the form and wait for a pop-up window to emerge showing your BECE results.

WAEC BECE result checker online with result checker card

Visit the website for BECE result checker online.

  • Click on the display banner written “You can buy your Results Checker Card HERE!”
  • You will automatically be forwarded to the means of payment for the card. The means of payment include: MasterCard, Visa Card and Airtel Money
  • Fill in with the Payee’s name and Payee’s email address. Upon approval of payment, WAEC will send you the details of the BECE Results Checker Card to the specified email address.
  • However, for the MasterCard and Visa Card option, fill the fields with details of your card.
  • For the Airtel Money option, enter your Airtel number to confirm the payment.
  • You will receive the Result Checker Card on the screen and have it sent to your specified email address. This includes the Personal Identification Number and the Serial Number.
  • Return to the WAEC Ghana BECE result checker application form on the official website and fill the different field with the relevant information. This includes examination year, index number and type. Finally enter the PIN and serial number.
  • Submit the form and wait for the pop-up window to appear with the results. It may take several minutes.
  • You can also download BECE result checker and print as proof or evidence of results.

BECE School Placement Checker

Successful candidates of the BECE exam can check their placement details into the different Senior High Schools by sending a SMS with their 10-digit examination number to the short code 1060. The service works with the major mobile operators in Ghana like Vodafone, MTN, Airtel and Tigo. Here is an illustration of how the service works. NOTE: The examination number used below is assumed and used only for demonstration purposes.

For instance the candidates examination number 1234567890, compose a message with the text being 1234567890 to the short code 1060. This is the most convenient way to receive your placement details by WAEC. However, it is important to note that the service does not always apply to all successful candidates of BECE

When the first method fails to receive the details, there is another alternative you can choose from. Add the last digits of your year of completion to the examination number. For example, in our case, we will add 18 to the examination number. The text would look like 123456789018 to the short code 1060. Remember not to add any space anywhere in the text.

If you cannot still receive the placement details, the candidates are urged to contact the hotline number 0302 747. Alternatively, they can WhatsApp through the following number: 0207 407 499. This is the Ministry of Education hotlines where candidate are assured of will further guidelines and instructions. Also, if you are having problems checking your placement details, you can contact the CSSPS officials through their email address

Check BECE Results

The BECE result check 2023 only applies for candidates who sat for the Basic Education Certificate Examination in order for the to advance from third year of Junior High School to Senior High School.

The BECE Examination are usually conducted in the month of June annually and nationwide. Only candidates who have been registered and clarified sit the examination.

Here is a list of the subjects that are usually tested at the Basic Education Certificate Examination:

  • English Language
  • Mathematics
  • Ghanaian language and culture
  • Integrated Sciences
  • Social Studies
  • Basic Design and Technology
  • Information Communication Technology
  • French (optional)
  • Religious and Moral education

Usually occurs annually in the months of October and November. It lasts six weeks, during the period the participating schools upload their statements of entries and school choice files on the web for processing. Once the processing has been done it is then approved. The continuous assessment scores are submitted separately to the CD’s council.

BECE Grading System

The final results of the candidate are based upon the individual performance in the external and internal examinations and the continuous assessment marks provided by the school. The grading range ranks from 1 to 9, where 9 is the highest performance while 1 is the lowest performance.

Release of BECE results

After the end of the BECE examination, it takes WAEC two months to marks the exams and tallies the marks. In August, the results are released giving ample time for successful candidates to apply for entry in the different senior high schools and technical institutions in the country. The academic year of all Senior High Schools in Ghana begin in the month of September. The school receives the results of the examination while the respective schools where the candidate sat the exam also receive the results.

BECE Placement

Successful candidates are later selected automatically to join the selected Senior High Schools in Ghana by the Computerized School Selection and Placement System.

Review of Scripts

After the official release of the examination results, the scripts are kept for three months before they are destroyed. During this time period, the review of a script usually at a charge is allowed and done on the inquiry of Head of School or an approved representative of the school. Since the Basic Education Certificate Examination is a school based system, the council by policy and regulation does not take up review of scripts on inquiry from parents or candidates.

BECE Certificates

Upon the release of the online results being in September by WAEC, the certificates are provided to successful candidates by 30 days of BECE results announcement date. They are automatically sent to the respective schools of the candidates where they can be individually collected. They are only produced once and in case of damages or loss, they cannot be replaced.

BECE contacts

In case of inquiries, complaints or suggestions about the BECE Education Certificate Examination, you can direct them to the National Examination Administration Department, Telephone Numbers: 233-0302-685917, 233-0302-685947, and 233-0302-685986.

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