Beige Capital Fixed Term Deposits Investment Package

Beige Capital Fixed Term Deposits Investment Package

Fixed Term Deposit (FTD)

This is an upgraded investment package; a short term investment product that enables you to earn more yield than a regular deposit account. The yield is based on interest rates for fixed tenures of 30, 60, 90 or 180 days. In addition, it can be used as security against borrowing from the Bank. It is good news for borrowers who are not able to raise collateral for credit facilities for both business and personal purposes.

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This is a Term Deposit product with premium features.
It is a high yielding account which allows Investors to top-up the funds already invested.
This is for Priority Fund Investors.
Rates are negotiable depending on the amount invested.

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1. Minimum amount of deposit of GHc2,000.
2. Clients enjoy free advisory services.
3. An Investment Certificate would be issued as security to obtain a loan.
4. There are opportunities to top-up on your invested funds.
5. Withdrawals are not allowed within the Investment Period.

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