British Ecological Society (BES) Overseas Bursaries

British Ecological Society (BES) Overseas Bursaries

British Ecological Society (BES) Overseas Bursaries: The British Ecological Society (BES) Overseas Bursaries scheme provides grants for ecologists in developing countries to carry out innovative ecological research.

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It aims to support excellent ecological science in Africa.

Each grant is normally up to £7,000 over an 18 month period and is intended for the purchase of the basic tools needed to conduct a research project, limited in-country travel and in some cases part of the applicant’s salary.

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Some funding may be provided to cover applicant’s expenses during research where it is shown that they will not be able to afford the time off from other paid employment.

In these cases applicants must state if the research work will be possible without BES funding to cover this lost income.

Where relevant, successful applicants will be linked by the BES to ecologists from overseas countries who share related research interests.

Successful applicants also receive free membership of the BES and a free subscription to one of its journals for the duration of the project.

Successful applicants may go on to apply for a BES Overseas Fellowship that funds further research work, the applicant’s salary and international travel.

How to Apply: This grant is only available by applying using the BES online application form.

Deadline: 1st of September.

For further details and application materials, see: British Ecological Society (BES) Overseas Bursaries Website