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British Federation of Women Graduates Foundation Grants

British Federation of Women Graduates Foundation Grants: British Federation of Women Graduates (BFWG) makes financial awards by Annual Competition each year to women research students entering into their final year of formal study towards a doctoral higher degree (PhD, DPhil, DMus, etc) whether it be for writing up or research.

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You are eligible to apply for a BFWG Scholarship or Award, regardless of nationality, if your studies take place in Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales).

There is no upper age limit. Grants are not given for the first year of postgraduate study or research.

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Typically, awards will range up to £6000.

Although there are various named scholarships, most awards are open to any field of study.

A few are set aside specifically for medical sciences, geography, architecture or engineering, and biological, geological, meteorological or radiological science.

Not all of these are likely to be awarded in each round of awards.

You can choose to specify which award you would like to apply for, but you can also leave that section of the Application Form blank for the AAC to allocate.

These awards are made without reference to financial need.

If you have a query about eligibility, contact the Secretary of BFWG by e-mail at: awards [at] For more information about BFWG Grants, visit: British Federation of Women Graduates Foundation Grants Website