Call for Applications for Visiting Lectureships

Call for Applications for Visiting Lectureships

Call for Applications for Visiting Lectureships: The African Economic Research Consortium is a public not-for-profit organization devoted to advanced policy research and training.

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The principle objective is to strengthen local capacity for conducting independent, rigorous inquiry into problems pertinent to the management of Sub-Saharan African economies through a synergistic programme combining economic research with postgraduate training in economics.

The AERC is supported by donor governments, private foundations and international organizations.

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The Joint Facility for Electives (JFE)

The JFE is an intensive teaching environment that offers a full range of elective courses in the Collaborative Masters Programme (CMAP) and Collaborative PhD Programme (CPP).

Each year, from late June to early November, eligible CMAP and CPP participating universities send their postgraduate students to the joint facility in Nairobi.

The JFE admits approximately 70 CMAP students and about 50 CPP students after their successful completion of core courses comprising Microeconomics, Macroeconomics and Quantitative Methods in their home universities.

The CMAP JFE runs for a duration of 14 weeks comprising 2 semesters of 7 weeks each, while the CPP JFE runs for 16 weeks divided into two 8-week semesters.

Apart from encouraging a more efficient use of resources, the JFE offers an ideal environment for networking and a structured exchange of people, ideas, materials and methods that reduce isolation and stimulate continued growth and collective improvement in quality.

On successful conclusion of JFE coursework, draft theses and examinations, students return to their home universities for final thesis preparation.

In the case of CPP, candidates also sit comprehensive examinations in core and elective fields, and present PhD thesis research proposals and post-field reports during the AERC biannual research workshops.

Call for Applications for JFE Visiting Lectureships

On behalf of Departments/Schools of Economics of CMAP and CPP participating universities, the AERC wishes to invite applications from qualified and experienced scholars willing and able to teach the following courses:

CMAPAgricultural Economics Corporate Finance and Investment Econometrics Theory and Practice Environmental Economics Game Theory and Information Economics Health Economics Industrial Economics International Economics Labour Economics Managerial Economics Monetary Theory and Practice Public Sector EconomicsCPPAgricultural Economics Development Economics Econometrics Environmental Economics Financial Economics Health Economics Industrial Economics International Economics Labour Economics Monetary Economics Public Sector Economics

Visiting Lectureships Dates

The courses in these fields will be intensively taught at a fully equipped, residential facility on the outskirts of Nairobi, Kenya, from June to September in the case of the Masters Programme, and July to November for the PhD Programme.

For CMAP, the first semester will run from June to August  and the second from August to September.

In the case of the CPP, the first semester will start on July and end in August while the second one will run from September to November.

In both programmes, each course is typically taught by one instructor for each of the two JFE semesters.

Call for Application – Qualifications

Qualifications for visiting lectureships include a PhD degree in Economics, demonstrated expertise in graduate level teaching and research in the above fields of economics, as well as a commitment of eight weeks, being the duration of each of the two semesters.

In addition, applicants for the CPP JFE lectureships must hold the position of senior lecturer or above with a track record of quality research publications and doctoral student research supervision.

Qualified female applicants are strongly encouraged to apply.

Visiting Lectureships  – Remuneration

The AERC will finance the costs of travel, subsistence and medical insurance in addition to an attractive remuneration.

For more information and application materials, visit: Call for Applications for Visiting Lectureships