CEEPA Research Grants

CEEPA Research Grants

The Centre for Environmental Economics and Policy in Africa (CEEPA) is mandated to enhance the capacity of African researchers to conduct environmental economics and policy inquiry of relevance to African problems and increase the awareness of environmental and economic managers and policy makers of the role of environmental economics in sustainable development.

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CEEPA will be implementing the first phase of a regional program to strengthen research capacity in environmental economics and policy in Africa over the next three years.

Under this program, Research Grants are awarded on a competitive basis to research projects annually to increase capacity in research in environmental economics in the region.

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Eligibility and Grants:

Eligible candidates include all researchers working in the field of environmental economics in Africa.

The Research Grant will fund research projects for up to a maximum amount of US$15,000.00 per project.

Members of the research team of funded projects will also enjoy additional support through technical and scientific mentorship arrangements and participation in CEEPA research workshops and other activities.


• CEEPA encourages research proposals that focus mainly on broader issues in environmental economics and policy in African countries.

• Proposals that seek to suggest alternative strategies, policies and programs to reduce present and future environmental burdens in African countries.

• Proposals whose potential output could lead to improvement in monitoring and measurement of changes in environmental phenomenon are also encouraged.

• Proposals contributing to development of new methods and extensions of the theories of natural resource and environmental economics.

• Research projects that deal with managing natural resource use and environmental externalities, open access and public good situations, and forms of capital other than manufactured assets, such as natural and social capital, for which limited funding is currently available from alternative traditional research funding sources.

• Collaborative arrangements for joint studies with members of sister departments are strongly encouraged, in which case additional funding will be considered.

•Collaboration between academics and people currently employed in relevant government departments is also strongly encouraged.

Deadline: 31 July

For more information and application, visit: CEEPA Research Grants Website