Coinstar Money Transfer

Coinstar Money Transfer

Coinstar is a money transfer system specially suited to individuals based away from home who need to send money to family and friends. With over 23000 locations worldwide and operates in 143 countries.
Locations: 143 countries worldwide
1. There are many options for transferring money
2. The website is clear and the system is easy to understand
3. Simple, safe way to send money worldwide
4. Recipients do not need bank account to receive funds
1. Vague on fees
2. Vague on Terms and Conditions
Terms and Conditions
Coinstar Inc is a NASDAQ listed company. See website for deatils.
Transfers Methods and Costs
Transfer Methods: Cash Agents, Bank Transfer, Home Delivery
Transfer Speed: Instant
Payment Methods: Cash, Credit or Debit Card
Fee Structure: Depends on amount of transfer. Coinstar recommend contacting an agents for pricing.
Requirements: Sender: Photo ID and receiver’s details. Receiver: Photo ID and CMT number.
Minimum: £10
Maximum: £3000
Number Of Currencies: 0
Currencies Available: 
Security Statement
Coinstar will collect personal information based on application. They will use said information but only for the purpose for which they tell you it has been collected, and within data protection law. Coinstar maintain security standards regarding unauthorised access to customer personal information. Coinstar will not share personal customer information with any third party unless permitted to do so by you.

Coinstar Money Transfer (CMT) Locations Accra, GHANA

Accra, GHANA have 57 agent Coinstar Money Transfer (CMT) agent locations. All country.

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Money transfer system Coinstar Money Transfer is a fast-growing company in the market of remittances. To send /receive money individuals are able at all offices of Coinstar Money Transfer worldwide.

First Light Branch NEW, AccraPrivate Mail Bag. Kaneshie – Accra (233-21) 258926
Ghana Post – Accra Central Post Office, AccraMain Post Office Accra Central. 233 21 677433 Mon – Fri: 08:00 – 17:00 Hrs
Ghana Post – Adenta, AccraAdenta. Mond to Friday :08h00-17h00 non stop
Ghana Post – Burma, AccraBurma Camp. (233) (21) 776721 Mond to Friday :08h00-17h00 non stop
Ghana Post – Cantoments, AccraCantoments. (233) (21) 772645 Monday to Friday :08h00-17h00 non stop
Ghana Post – Dansoman, AccraDansoman. (233) (21) 303989 Mond to Friday :08h00-17h00 non stop
Ghana Post – La, AccraLa. (233) (21) 777079 Mond to Friday :08h00-17h00 non stop
Ghana Post – Madina, AccraMadina. (233) (21) 500043 Mond to Friday :08h00-17h00 non stop
Ghana Post – Mamprobi, AccraMamprobi. (233) (21) 665138 Mond to Friday :08h00-17h00 non stop
Ghana Post – Swanlake, AccraSwanlake. (233) (21) 776727 Mond to Friday :08h00-17h00 non stop

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