Concord Business College Programmes Or Courses

Concord Business College Programmes Or Courses




This course provides insight into both the accounting process applied within a firm and those applied externally, including company valuation. You will also gain a solid grounding in the fundamentals of financial management. You will be taught by specialist staff drawn from the fields of accounting,finance,economics and management.When you graduate, you will be equipped with the necessary skills to make financial decisions in the day-to-day operations of any organisation both public and private sectors.



This course is designed to equip you with the business knowledge and skills needed in today’s global economy and provides general business education that will prepare students for a wide variety of managerial careers (General Manager,Human Resource ManagerAdministratorAdvisory positions in offices of CEOs, etc.)



This course provides an opportunity for students to acquire practical knowledge in HR management and understanding about the factors, which influence the behaviour of people at work, including organization structures, job design, team/group mechanisms, management/leadership styles and the process of effective human resource management. Graduates of this course can enjoy professions from the following fields:

Recruitment Consultants and Human Resource Managers



Students will be able to successfully relate marketing to the organisation as a whole, analyse problems and formulate approaches and strategies to solve them and improve organisational effectiveness in satisfying consumer’s wants and needs. Graduates of this course can work as Marketing Managers, Brand Managers, Advertising Executives, etc.



This course provides a thorough knowledge and understanding of procurement and e- procurement, warehousing and stores management , purchasing and logistics knowledge, transportation and shipping, inventory planning and contract management within an overall supply chain context. Their adaptable skills enable students to fit into many careers such as: Logistics and Transport Managers, Procurement/Purchasing Managers, Warehouse/ Inventory Managers, etc. 



The Health Management Programme provides the knowledge and skills needed to be an effective manager in the health and healthcare sector, equipping participants with an understanding of the external context in which healthcare organisations operate, how they are managed, and analytical techniques that can be applied to decision-making processes within this field.



This course is designed to prepare you for a rewarding career in the rapidly growing energy and hydrocarbon industry. The energy sector requires highly skilled technicians and, above all, good managers who understand the diverse issues and challenges it faces. A detailed understanding of the petroleum industry will help you find employment in national and multinational energy companies.

Postgraduate Diploma to MBA

 Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management leading to MBA and MSc

Awarded by        :           Training Qualifications UK And Eduqual



The dominance of MBA from the array of postgraduate qualifications in humanities is destined to continue. This is a worldwide phenomenon. As the experts would opine – with more growth and development, more managers are needed, not less. Students, therefore, flock to universities/institutes to get admission into the programme leading to an MBA. But it is also the experience of academic bodies that very many students find it rather difficult to cope with the pressure that an MBA programme creates. Many students get stuck and even leave halfway through the course without getting anything concrete in return.


This is a gap that has to be reckoned with. The PGD from the CBC has been constructed to take care of this.



(2 Weeks Intensive Lectures in Accra + E-Learning + Webinars)

Postgraduate Diploma In

Business Management

(6 months)






MBA Top –Up

(9 months)






( MBA)

1. Strategic Financial Management

2. Strategic Management

3. Change Management and  Strategic Leadership

4. Strategic Resource Management in Organisations

5. Marketing Management in Practice




HND with Managerial Experience

Graduate  Diploma

Advanced Diploma

The Postgraduate Diploma is a Level 7 Qualification, one step above a  Bachelor’s Degree