COTVET Certificates

COTVET Certificates

VERIFYING DOCUMENTSCOTVET will verify the status of an awarding institution and/or the information that one provides to be sure that it is true and accurate should COTVET require more information about a particular course or training. It will do this by contacting the institution(s) that awarded the qualification(s), employers or other qualification evaluation organisations.  If there is a need to do this, the applicant will be contacted, as this will extend the time taken to evaluate the application.

It is highly likely that some institutions will charge a fee for this verification process. If this occurs, the applicant should be notified and asked to pay directly to the institution concerned. Once verification has been confirmed, COTVET will then continue with the evaluation.
If it happens that an institution does not provide the information requested, and this is not received after three requests, and it is more than six (6) months from the first request, COTVET will have no option but cancel the evaluation

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COTVET Certificates

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