Course Details at University of Ghana School of Law

Course Details at University of Ghana School of Law

FLAW 301 Ghana Legal System
The major legal systems of the world, Classification of the branches of the Law, Introduction of British Jurisdiction into Gold Coast and Sources of Law – Common Law, Equity, Statutes, Subsidiary Legislation, History of the Court System and Jurisdiction and powers of the courts and quasi-judicial bodies. Alternative procedures for the settlement of disputes, The Legal profession and its role in Society and Legal Aid, Language and Study Skills and Legal Writing, Techniques of Legal Research, Oral Presentation.

FLAW 302 Legal Method
The Nature of Law – Function & Theory of Law, The Theories and mechanics of judicial decision-making, Elements of Civil and Criminal Procedure, The doctrine of Stare decisis and its operation in the Ghana Legal System, General principles of statutory interpretation, Remedies.

FLAW 303 Law of Contract I
Contract as a legal category in the Ghana Legal Systems Historical development and assumptions Formation of Contract, Enforceability of Agreements as Contracts in Law (Doctrine of Consideration, Formal Requirements). Privity of Contract; Assignments; Agency, The contents and Types of Contracts.

FLAW 304 Law of Contract II
Vitiating Factors (Mistake, Misrepresentation, Duress and Undue Influence). Public Policy and Enforcement of Contractual Obligations, Discharge of Contracts, Remedies for Breach of Contract (Damages, Equitable remedies and procedural Strategies), Contract Law and Economic Realities.

FLAW 305 Constitutional Law I (Constitutional Theory)
Constitutional Law – Problems of definition and content, Constitutionalism, The Relationship between municipal and International Law, Coup de `tats/Revolutions and continuity of Constitutions, The concept of separation of powers, The supremacy of the Constitution and judicial review, The Concept of the Rule of Law, Human Rights, Natural Justice.

FLAW 306 Constitutional Law II (Constitution of Ghana)
The Constitutional Evolution of Ghana, The Executive, The Parliament, The Judiciary, Indepen-dent Institutions, The Rights and Duties of the Citizen, The Law of Citizenship Commissions/ Committees of Enquiry, The Electoral Process, Proceedings involving the Republic, Local Government, Traditional Constitutionalism – Chieftaincy Law, Outlines of Judicial Remedies.

FLAW 307 Torts I (Intentional Tort)
Nature, History, Aims of the Law of Torts, General Principles of Liability, Choice of Law in torts Cases in Ghana, International Interference with Person and Property, Economic Torts, Nuisance, The rule is Rylands v. Fletcher, Vicarious Liability

FLAW 308 Torts II (Negligence & Defamation)
General Negligence, Specific Negligence Actions (Employer’s liability to his employees, Products Liability, Occupiers Liability, Liability for Statements – Negligent statements, Deceit), Statutory duties, Death in relation to Torts, Defamation.

FLAW 311 Immovable Property I (Customary Land Law)
I. Preliminary Matters: The Concept of Land and Immovable Property, The Nature and Scope of the Law of Immovable Property, The Concept of Ownership and the Appro-priate Terminology for the Description and Analysis of the System of Land Tenure.
II The Customary Law Interests In Land: The Allodial Title, The Usufructuary Interest, Customary Law Tenancies
III. Persons Who Can Hold Interests In Land: The Stool and Management of Stool Property, The Family a Holder of Interests in Land, Marital Family Property.

FLAW 312 Immovable Property II
I. Common Law Interests In Land: Introduction to the Law of Tenure and Estates, Equitable and Legal Interests, The Law of Landlord and Tenant, Co-Ownership.
II. Uncertainty In Land Titles And Insecurity In Land Transactions And Attempted Solutions: Nature, Estoppel, Limitation of Actions, Registration of Instruments Affecting Land, Land Title Registration.
III Compulsory Acquisition And State Administration Of Land Introduction To The Law Of Natural Resources: Introduction to Minerals and Mining Law, Introduction to Forestry Law, Concessions.
IV Introduction To Physical Planning Law
V Land Law Reform

FLAW 313 Criminal Law I (General Principles)
Nature and Scope of Criminal Law, The Requirements of Criminal Liability and Mens Rea, Causation, Capacity, General Defences, Special Defences: (Intoxication and Insanity, Provocation).

FLAW 314 Criminal Law II (Specific Offenses)
The Law of Attempt – Inchoate Offences and Parties, Abatement and Conspiracy, Offences Against the Person: Homicide, Offences Against the right of property, Offences Against Public Morals and Public Order, Offences Against the State: Treason and Sedition.

FLAW 321 Public International Law I
Introduction: Nature and Context of International Law, Sources of International Law, Subjects of International Law, State Territory and Jurisdiction, The Law of the Sea, Air and Outer Space.

FLAW 322 Public International Law II
Individuals, Nationality and state Responsibility, Law of Treaties, Diplomatic Law, Human Rights, Settlement of Disputes, The Use of Force, International Organisation.

FLAW 425 Administrative Law
Nature of Administrative Law, Constitutional doctrines and theories relevant to Administrative Law, The Executive Branch of Government: Administrative and Public Sector Institutions, Local Government, The Law making powers of the Administration, Natural Justice and the Administration, Review of discretionary powers, Judicial remedies, Extra-judicial remedies (Commission of Human Rights and Administrative Justice, Administrative Tribunals), Commission and Committee of Enquiry, Proceedings between the state and its servants and agents.

FLAW 401 Jurisprudence I
Introduction – The Nature of Jurisprudence, Natural Law Theories, Positivism, The Pure Theory of Law, Historical School of Jurisprudence, Realism – American and Scandinavian.

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