Crystal Galaxy College Entry Requirements

Crystal Galaxy College Entry Requirements

Crystal Galaxy College is committed to making higher education accessible to all who work hard and are capable of pursuing Aviation, Journalism, Oil & Gas, and Business programmes. We offer a diversity of courses and programmes structured to suit all students, whether you have just complete senior high school or possess other qualifications such as NVTI or any Vocational or Technical Certificate, Diploma, HND, Degree and etc.

Admission Requirement
• Forms
• Admission fee
• JHS/SSCE/WASSCE/Diploma graduates and those awaiting results with good command of the English language or holders of Technical/Vocational certificates or degree or matured applicants may gain admission into the school.

Application Procedures
You can purchase an admission form from the school premises and the admissions office will assist you throughout the application process. Our fees are very moderate and also have good payment plans for students. We look forward to seeing you as part of the family of this prestigious school, where we make your dream come true.

Submission of Forms
 Submit filled applications forms personally or by post or email with:
 Three (3) passport sized pictures taken within the last six (6) months.
 Photocopies of relevant result slips or certificates
 Photocopy of a national ID (i.e. Passport, Voter Id or Drivers License).

Course Options
Applicants may opt for either a full scheme (2 years) or module (4 or 6 months).

Admission Dates
1. February
2. June
4. October
5. December