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Deep Roots Scholarship Fund

Deep Roots Scholarship Fund-Girls’ Scholarship Program(GSP) which provides scholarships to girls in grades 10-12, plus the first year of university.

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The objective of GSP is to provide extra assistance in order that these student scholars are prepared for college.

This program will follow the students even after they’ve graduated with the goal that they will become mentors for other young people in Namibia.

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In order to help these young girls excel in their studies, there will be fewer scholarships awarded but the amount of the scholarships will be higher to assist with the costs of meals, room and board, tutoring or other necessary items.

Like the general Namibia program, GSP works in cooperation with the University of Namibia Foundation (UNAMF) to ensure that donations reach the girls they are intended for.

UNAMF is a charitable trust collaborating with the University Of Namibia (UNAM) to encourage corporate and individual partnerships to further university growth and increase the educational opportunities for UNAM students.

Their partnership is based on the belief on both sides in the importance of education and in fostering the potential of those with exceptional aptitude with extra assistance.

The GSP aims to supplement the work of Deep Roots Namibia, by providing the necessary support for those with the potential to continue their education past high schooland succeed at university, but without the financial resources to get them there.

For more information and scholarship applications, see: Deep Roots Scholarship Fund.